About us

Nowadays cryptocurrency trading has become a prospective financial trend. Due to Bitcoin's and other cryptocurrencies' unique features the popularity of these financial phenomena has grown dramatically over the last few years. These new promising financial instruments attract both professional investors and technological enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, at this point buying and trading Bitcoins and other digital currencies is a rather complicated process. The majority of similar companies suggesting these types of services remain unreliable and often become subject to attacks from hackers. In addition, the process of purchasing or selling Bitcoins may take days, and often operate without any legal entities creating uncertainty and instability for its users.

Our mission

In terms of these issues, we have decided to create Bitcoingold.shop — a fast, smart, simple and absolutely safe platform for buying, selling and trading digital currencies. As an officially registered company, we take serious precautions to ensure that our customers’ personal information and funds remain as securely stored as possible. Trading is extremely fast at Bitcoingold.shop. We are continuously working on adding the most convenient payment options for our users.

Our team

Behind Bitcoingold.shop is a young and efficient team of technical professionals, who possess extensive knowledge and experience in IT projects of various direction and complexity. We are passionate about making complex things easy. We believe in what we do and are optimistic about the future of the cryptocurrencies. We contribute all our skills and knowledge to this project and are constantly working on improving our services. Our goal is to be the most secure and trustworthy place for buying and selling cryptocurrency. We help you manage and keep your digital currencies safe.